Suspension overhaul



The cracked threaded collar on one of the front shocks.


Removed rear suspension with the worn drop links.


After removal of all four shocks and springs from the car Peter Lindvall, Lindvall Bil AB, helped me unscrew the top nuts which should, according to Porsche, be tightened at 200nm! The original fit included Loctite. After refitting the nuts I tightened them to 130nm.


Refurbished rear suspension including new drop links. To protect the threads from dirt and corrosion i treated them with some heavy duty grease. Also replaced the rear discs.


Refurbished front shocks with the new thread collars (greased) and nuts. Note the strut break line brackets that I opened up with the Dremel and painted with POR-15.


The complete front shock and spring reassembled…


… and installed on the car. The front discs were ok.

I noticed that one of the threaded collars had cracked. As the car was lowered to RS height we wanted to increase the height by 10mm to reduce the risk of scraping road bumps. Our Turbo has the RS sports chassis with RS drop links and the RS swaybar and RS engine mounts so we decided to remove the shocks and send them to get them tested. They proved to be in good shape and did not need to be replaced.

Both drop links to the rear suspension were replaced as the rubber boots were cracked. I bought the new drop links from Peter Lindvall, my local Porsche indie, helped me unscrew the top nuts on the suspension struts as I wanted to replace some bits and pieces. All four bellows were replaced and surface rust was removed from the springs and they were repainted with black POR-15. The concave washers received the same treatment. The yellow parts of the shocks were thoroughly cleaned and then treated with FK 1000P wax as per recommendation from Jackals racetrack. I am a huge fan of and I have been very inspired by the DIYs he has done on his 993. The documentation is amazing and very thorough!

Renovating the third break light

IMG_0529 IMG_0535


As you can see to the left the anti reflection was worn so I bought new self adhesive aluminum foil to fix it. Bought the foil from ELFA in Stockholm, thin and very flexible.

I also did some cleaning and changed a few broken bulbs. Easy fix described for example at