Leather treatment

IMG_0951 IMG_0952

Took the drivers seat out in 2014 to re dye the bolsters primarily. The colour match was really perfect. I cut off a small piece of leather and sent to Swissvax so that they could mix the exact same colour. Before adding the dye I cleaned the seat thoroughly with Leatherique rejuvenator. Then I sanded the bolsters carefully with 1200 grit sandpaper and added some water as I sanded. After the seats were bone dry the colour was applied using a small sponge which I carefully dabbed on the seat. The result was really good (see above). The final step is to apply Leatherique Klear Kote with a matte finish. The Klear Kote needs to be blended with a special powder from Leatherique to obtain the right finish.

to be continued…