It all started when my wife celebrated her 50th birthday in 2006. Our two sons and I bought her a 987 Boxster S and this was the first sports car in the family and as we are all real petrolheads this was a major event. I have always dreamed about having a 993 Turbo and we looked at more than 10 cars around Europe before we bought the Turbo in 2012. The car was initially delivered in Hamburg on January 10, 1997 and imported to Sweden in April 2001 at 38000 kms. Porsche Sweden imported the car and provided the full guarantee for one year. It seems to have been very well maintained throughout the years and has a complete service book. When we bought it in August 2012 it had 87300 kms on the clock. The front hood, wings and the area around the windshield had been resprayed and a new windshield had been fitted. We really love the color Ocean Blue Metallic with the blue interior.

Earlier on it has been upgraded by TechArt to 450 bhp, 92L fuel tank and full RS suspension, additional oil cooler and RS engine mounts so it has some of the important Turbo S specifications. The car also has the Turbo S front bumper but we have chosen to replace the rear Turbo S wing with a standard Turbo wing. In order to keep the Turbo as close to the original as possible all projects/improvements have been made with Porsche original parts.

The exhaust system includes Fabspeed tips and removed mufflers. Sounds great!

The first obvious area of improvement was to refurbish the suspension as I had noted that one of the threaded coils on one of the front shocks was cracked. We also wanted to slightly increase the ride height to make it easier to cross road bumps etc.

I have been very inspired by the work on a 993 which is described at I have not done mechanics before but it is easy to follow the write ups on the site as they are extremely detailed and with lots of pictures. Rennlist is also a real gold mine and I have found the answers to most issues that I have encountered during the work there.

There is a buyers guide section at where there is also a list of common problems on a 993:

  • Poor geometry – addressed in connection with increased ride height 2014
  • Rusting windscreen – done by previous owner, put silicone around 2013
  • Worn front lower A arm bushes – originals replaced by polyurethane bushes from SuperPro in 2015
  • Detached door check straps – done by previous owner. I changed the door strap on the drivers side in 2013
  • Corroded calliper spring plates – inspected and all screws replaced in 2014
  • Corroded rear bumper supports (four in total)- the front bumper supports refurbished and the rear supports were replaced in 2014
  • Worn suspension components – refurbished and several parts replaced in 2014
  • Worn engine mounts – all replaced in 2014
  • Worn inner tie rods – the RS tie rods were replaced by GT2 EVO with solid mounts, 2016
  • Broken ballast resistors – replaced 2015
  • Dirty ISV valve – cleaned 2016
  • Worn bonnet dampers – inspected, works fine. Probably fixed by previous owner.
  • Leaking lower valve covers – replaced with billet aluminium 2015
  • Corroded heat shields – addressed when I removed chassis corrosion 2014
  • Corroded window lifters – inspected 2014
  • Corroded headlight guides – replaced both guides in 2014
  • Perished spark plug leads

Other projects on the car include:

  • installing a front protection bar (from Carnewal) 2013
  • full leather interior treatment including a new seat foam => 
  • refurbished centre console 2013
  • interior LED lights 2014
  • changed front fog lights to LED 2013
  • glove box repair 2013
  • new floor insulation on the front passenger side 2013
  • headliner repair sunroof 2013
  • new door insulation 2014
  • radio installation upgrade =>
  • refurbished A/C including replacement of evaporator, 2016
  • replaced generator 2015
  • rs short shift 2016
  • fixed flickering Litronic headlights 2016