Calipers and rear brake refurbishment


It was clear that the parking brake shoes needed to be replaced and this was a reasonably easy DIY which is well described at, “Parking brake shoe replacement” (applies to 911 – 1965-1989).

I only needed to replace the brake shoes and adjust the parking brake with access through the centre console inside the car. The adjustment procedure is well described at



I bought OEM discs from

The disks were easy to replace as they are only secured with two screws each. It is important to mount the disks correctly. One of the holes on the disc in the centre needs to be located over the access hole where the handbrake shoes can be adjusted.


Repainted calipers:

I wanted to repaint the calipers as they had some scratches and dents. One alternative could have been to disassemble all four calipers from the car but that meant disconnecting the brake lines and bleading the brake system which I wanted to avoid. Instead I decided to handpaint the outer half of each caliper and started with a thorough cleaning and sanding of each. I ordered a caliper paint set including stencils from


IMG_1331 IMG_1334 IMG_1367

I think the end result looks pretty good!