RS short shift

Inspired by the work described at I decided to install the RS short shift to get a crisper and more precise shift feel. I bought the original Porsche RS short shift from You have to make a rather big dimple in the centre tunnel cover to allow room for the longer shift stick as you can see in the first picture below.

image imageimage

A/C evaporator replacement

Already in 2013 we found out that the old evaporator was leaking. We went on a European road tour that summer and we had to refill the system. Finally, I had time to do the job in 2016. I studied every line in the DIY at and bought a new Behr evaporator.


The job was pretty time consuming and the most difficult part was to get the whole air box with the evaporator and fans back in place and get the tubes behind the dash connected to the air box.

Took the tank out, removed the fuse box and released the air box.


Putting it all back together again.


I Also took the opportunity to change the expansion valve and replace the gaskets.


The DIY at recommended to also change the drier which was quite easy as it is located in the left front wheel arch.


I cleaned all parts and treated all plastic parts with Aerospace 303. Here all is back in the car except the cover below the air intake.


Replacement generator

The most difficult issue to solve on the car has been the flickering Litronic headlights. I have read that the charging capacity from the generator can drop over time so I decided to get a replacement from While I was in there I also replaced the fan and AC belts.



Front suspension

Various upgrades have been done including new SuperPro polyurethane bushes to the A-arms (2015), replaced the RS tie rods with GT2 EVO rods from Rennline, new ball joints and SuperPro polyurethane stabiliser bushes (2016).


One thread in one of the plates used to bolt the cross member was worn so I replaced the plates on both sides.


Valve- and chain covers

There were oil leaks from both the valve- and chain covers so I decided to replace the plastic covers with aluminium covers including gaskets and bolts. The leaking chain covers were fixed with new gaskets and new sealant.